S01 E03 | MAAIKE FAAS – Portrait Photographer

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About this Episode.
On this episode of the podcast, we will talk with Maaike about her journey as a portrait photographer, her experience as a brand ambassador for important photography brands such as Sigma Benelux and much more.

About Maaike:
For Maaike, Photography is a form of communication, an outlet, an art form, and a hobby, and since March 2015 it became her full-time job. Maaike worked as a teacher speech therapist in special and regular education. The core of Maaike’s photography lies in the interaction between the photographer and the model.
The feeling that comes up during each photoshoot is different. She approaches her models calmly, expectantly, and intuitively. She perceives the subject’s state of mind by reading their eyes. “It really comes down to a form of mindfulness. With her photography, she wants to give value to things that are important in life but are often taken for granted.
She had worked with important clients such as Rabobank, Greenpeace, BCO, Vtech, Nikon Netherlands, and Sigma Benelux as a brand ambassador.

More about Maaike:
Website: http://www.studiominmin.com

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